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Drive growth and profitability for your company, find new sales opportunities, benefit from recurring revenues by selling DeskAlerts Corporate Communication Software – become a DeskAlerts partner!

We hold our partners in high regard and try our best to ensure that our partner has unlimited access to product information and continued product support.

Program benefits:
  • Lead assignment & Sales Assistance
  • Effective Communications
  • On-line Portal Resources
  • Tech & Sales Support & Training
  • Ability to obtain early release copies for testing and integration
Become a partner:
  • Review the DeskAlerts Reseller Program
  • Decide your anticipated commitment level
  • Complete the application
  • Receive notification of approval
  • Enter the portal
  • Complete the appropriate product training
  • Start selling and making money!

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treamline Internal Communications within your client's Organization by implementing DeskAlerts Internal Communications Software
Streamline Internal Communications within your customer's Organization by implementing DeskAlerts Internal Communications Software

Help your client to Increase Employee Productivity while decreasing Organization's Communication Expenses

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